Friday, May 12, 2006

the joke

all this shite
about love

and what gets left?
one brown shoe

fourteen hundred

of indifference.


theseus said...

this is great. i really like these short ones, probably more than anything else that i've read by you.

you kick ass!

it's so fucking late here. I set aside time to write and have only written a Preamble/Author's note/Thank You's for this chapbook thingee.

I'm off.

suze said...

love it!! punchy..great

Gelsinger said...

I don't get this joke, but I like meter and mystery of the punchline.

I like the meter exended back to the rhyme, though I don't feel the boy with rickets image.

bereweber said...

what is with this one is
(i think?)
that is lovely!
and true
and ironic
and sad
and still
and again