Monday, May 22, 2006

if you could see the shapes
the landscape makes,
hear the inevitable sigh of the wind
as it blows through your churches
and factories and graveyards

if you could kiss the breath of the sea
and chase its tides into the distance,
or watch stars falling
from the palms of angels
in white dresses

you would cover yourself in night,
leave the house in secret
and take to the streets
like they were your lover.
and you would not return.

poetry came first,
then later, the world.


christmas_cats said...

right now i only return to my house when i absolutely have to pee. but if i had a more profound connection with everything that surrounded me, i probably would continue on despite the demands of my bladder, either wetting myself in ectasy or finding someplace private

and i wouldnt have subjected you to that information if i didnt really like this poem

Anonymous said...

Yes, I also like this poem.