Friday, May 12, 2006

the mistake

error, the simplest form of treason,
love's pasture
left unploughed for another season.
diction is best unsaid,
rent is paid on an aluminium bed.
she was sore from too much laboured breathing -
he watched her shoulders fall and rise,
two axes
under the ceiling.
a wishbone stuck in her teeth - he said:
i'll dream you another;
we'll case out tomorrow,
make full daylight
our recognition,
he said.

a mole comes out shivering,
blind before birth,
some pretty thief,
a dead widow.

1 comment:

Will said...

So good to see your poetry here in all its splendour -and popular too judging from all the responses you're getting!
I'm not sure why this one strikes me -it's so haunting, and seems like two Sublime.poems joined together, two worlds colliding. I love the shoulders/axes analogy. And the shift from "full daylight our recognition" to the dark atmosphere of the mole-thief, shivering and dead widow. And the rent on the aluminium bed all helps to contribute to a sense of somehow a kind of film-noir.