Wednesday, May 10, 2006


we ache to live,
and living takes our blunders
in its stride.
awake, I turn
on my side,
and stare at a pillow,
talk to toy animals,
dream in my head
of life like a film,
coming together.

we ache to belong
to a truth and a wish
fulfilled and ever lasting.
but the time
goes on etching its way across
the universe,
and I am here,
you are there,
she is she
and we all spin lonely
into silence.

life began a long long time ago.
so don't complain about the bitter taste,
don't shake your hands,
turn your nose up high
at your creation.

the wheels are turning quicker,
that is all,
we are just landing
into nowhere,
into the heat of a filthy sun,
making daylight happen,
and skimming the liquor.

I was a stone
I am now an edge,
we all must climb over.

so call me, from beyond love
and tell me, if you can,
why the road tailed off,
what is ahead
when all civilisation
has gone.

I packed my wishes, best I could,
took the last train on
the central.
now I'm waiting for them
to call my name;

kicked forward, I will reclaim
all baggage,
just in time
for time to start
winning again,
for the lost souls to lose their way now.

without hope, I'll stay happy.
with full hands,
I will embrace.
locked tight,
I will whisper
back to you,
in a snapped-out trance

as midnight gathers,
as secrets cluster,
as the smoke from an engine
feathers its way home.

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