Wednesday, May 10, 2006

eternal voyage into daylight

kiss me in the falling shadow,
then give me to the dying night.
i'll be a flicker in the eye of wonder,
i'll be golden, red, charcoal and silver-
a vision of longing, a dangling dress,
a horse broken free, disappearing, infinitely in motion.

whereupon you will not find me.
swallowed up in time,
i pass away
into untamed sorrow, a scattered blessing,
wisdom carnal,
fierce prayer.

sparkle has become glitter has
become gold.
this story is as yet untold,
and incompleteness
is the grail
i seek out tonight,
that never ending wing span
of a white feathered dove,
ascending toward mercy,
every sound barrier elapsing,
in awe
of love.

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