Tuesday, November 06, 2007

How Aily Grew Up

Johnny turns out to be
the thinnest rake of them all
with his weedy eyes that train
on you
all night long
outside the diner or during
I lost a lot
that evening, semen
on my dress, the lonely roadside.
In one blackout alone
I grabbed all my photos,
threw em in with the hotel litter.
I wasn't a looker, not fast
enough for the boys, not
cute enough for
Patsy; wailing
to my mother
through the cloakroom wall.
She never answered, course -
hair pulled back, mouth
like a ripped out appendix,
Moon River on the turntable.
I didn't wait
for the final
that might lift us all
to God and heaven,
I just
crossed my legs
and cried
cos Jesus was a man
who'd never
fuck it better.


flic said...

Nice poem! Aily growing up. Going from boyfriend to mother to Jesus. What a journey in that short poem.

bereweber said...

powerful words, you create these intense movie for the mind while reading you
strong & bit painful... "I just
crossed my legs and cried"... just like life, great poem Clare!